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No hero, only regular people who bravely take responsibilities for the society

News source:JOINAKONA Release time:[2020-03-13]


     Since the coronavirusoutbreak in China, the demand for the medical products such as the disposablesurgical gowns and protective coveralls has increased substantially. Theshortage of medical products has become a main problem for Hubei in fightingthe epidemic. The government and all people in China find ways to raisesuppliers to support Hubei Province. Joinkona as the leader of China disposablemedical protective products manufacture trying best to provide medical productsto support Wuhan City.


      Medical staff are fightingagainst virus, so the medical device must be adequately supplied. The employees,environment of workshop and products of Joinkona Medical follow Followprofessional disinfection and testing procedures, the products worked as "Protective weapons " in this novel coronavirus prevention and control.


Whenan epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility toprevent and control it. Joinkona Medical work as a benchmarking company inChina's medical consumables industry, when this outbreak happened in China, weall canceled the vacation and all employees back to factory to start workingduring Chinese lunar new year holiday. Over 782,000 pieces of protective coveralland 126,000 surgical gowns were urgently delivered to society .

Theemployees in Joinkona strictly follow procedures for physical examination,disinfection, wear and hand hygiene. All personnel must wear masks and have tomeasure body temperature and disinfect before entering factory, prohibit ifbeyond 37.2 degrees. And daily disinfection for staff quarters.

Joinkonamedical products are produced in a clean room with class 10. The floor of theworkshop is disinfected and sterilized with ultraviolet disinfection lampseveryday, and tested for plankton and sediment bacteria.

Eachprocess will be under the strictly control. Will do the sterilization after thefinished product is manufactured to keep the product is sterile before using.

Wefocus on quality first, product safety first, and social responsibility first,it is the corporate mission of Joinkona, Joinkona Medical has established withISO13485. At present, products have been used by more than 2,000 domestichospitals to protect the health of millions of people.

Wewill do our best to meet society needs. Compared with the severe epidemic, wework hard to support our country, will win in this “war”